The Word "Ministry service within the Christian church; even when so restricted the words are used in a great variety of meanings: e.g. (1) discipleship in general (John 12:26); (2) service rendered to the church because of the "gifts" bestowed (Rom 12:7; 1 Corinthians 12:5), and hence, all kinds of service (Acts 6:2; Matt 20:26); (3) specifically the "ministry of the Word" (Ephesians 4:12), and most frequently the "apostleship" (Acts 1:17; 20:24; 21:19; Rom 11:13).

Ministry has to do with the guidance and government of a united community, fellowship, or brotherhood of men and women whose inward bond of union was the sense of fellowship with Jesus their Risen Lord. In all ages of Christianity the call to become the follower of Jesus, while it is the deepest of all personal things and comes to each one singly, never comes solitarily. The devout soul must share his experiences with those like-minded, and the fellowship thus formed must be able to take outward shape, which cannot fail to render necessary some sort of rule and guidance. The very thought of the church with articulate expression of a common faith, administration of the sacraments, meetings and their right conduct, aid given to the spiritual and bodily needs of their fellow-members, implies a ministry or executive of some kind. To endeavour to explain what was the character of the ministry of the Christian church in the earliest centuries of its existence and how it came into being is the aim that we follow.

We have ministries that operates in the flame works of our ministry. Those who are involve in this ministry works tirelessness to see the ministry accomplishes her goal and become a goal setting ministry. These ministries are as follows.

Men’s Ministry.    2. Women’s ministry   3. Children Ministry.  4. Youth Ministry   5.Usher Dept.  6. Music dept

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